Friday, July 12, 2013

Revisions have their own rewards

My debut novel, Come Back for Me, has recently gone through revisions, but I have to admit, it's still not quite ready to be sent off to agents/publishers. What a ride it has been! Though writers are naturally wedded to their prose, I must admit that making these changes has been (dare I say it?) --exhilarating. It proved to me that I can make changes and not lose the essence of my work. It also tells me that my work is not sacrosanct; it can be altered and yes, improved.  And those changes can take it in directions that are entirely unanticipated. It’s like turning the corner of a familiar street and discovering an entirely new neighborhood. It can be frightening to veer away from the familiar. But that is what writing fiction is all about: opening oneself to unexpected paths and honing the experience so that it speaks to those beyond oneself.